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OpenSwarm license

OpenSwarm is released under a modified 2-clause BSD license. Every contribution is owned by the person or organisation that contributed. However, any contribution is licensed under this modified 2-clause BSD license.

OpenSwarm can be used freely in commercial as well as non-commercial systems as long as the copyright header is preserved. If OpenSwarm is used in an commercial product, the product must contain a note that OpenSwarm is used in this product. This note must be readable by any customer. (same applies to commercial services)

Developed applications

Applications or code that were developed with OpenSwarm do not require to be shared under this license. Any code that you develop is your own.

However, code contributions to OpenSwarm would be appreciated. Contributions don’t only benefit others. They enable a wide range of users to test your code and debug it. Furthermore, it keeps the community active and helps OpenSwarm to solve more problems.