An operating system for miniature robots
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Csys_event_dataIt is a single linked list element and contains data of an occurred event
 Csys_i2c_msgIt is a single linked list element containing messages that need to be sent via I2C. This list acts as a message buffer
 Csys_motorsThis struct contains the speed for a motor
 Csys_occurred_eventLinked list element containing an occurred events
 Csys_pcbProcess Control Block contains all data for a single process
 Csys_pcb_list_elementDouble linked list element containing sys_process_control_block
 Csys_pehDouble linked list element of process event-handlers
 Csys_pIOHandlerLinked list element containing I/O Handler function pointers
 Csys_registered_eventA single linked element containing a registered event and its subscribers
 Csys_rgb_pixelThis bitfield contains the structure of a received camera pixel
 Csys_scheduler_infoThe scheduling information for each process
 Csys_subscribed_processA single linked list element containing the ID of a process that is subscribed to a specific event
 Csys_uart_txdataLinked list element to store transmission data